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Visualis Electromagnetism Features

Visualis Electromagnetism is an educational software offering clear and interactive views of many electromagnetism phenomena. Simulation of electric/magnetic fields, and particle trajectories. Dynamic display, possibility to move single field line or equipotential surface to visualize their construction. Available objects : positive and negative charges, positron and electron emitter, linear charges, charged plates, capacitor, rectilinear or personalized currents, coil, solenoid, ... Original version (2003 !) updated and optimized for Windows 7, 10, 11.

Realistic Plane Capacitor

\( d\vec{E} = \frac{k dq}{r^2} \hat{r} \)

The assumption of a uniform charge distribution is often made, but the charge tends to accumulate more around the edges due mutual repulsion of like charges. The electric field between the plates is no longer uniform, this phenomenon can be analyzed using advanced techniques such as solving the Laplace or Poisson equation for the electric potential.

Equipotential surfaces

\( V = \frac{kQ}{r} \)

Equipotential are defined as 3D geometric surfaces over which the electric potential is constant. The electric field is always perpendicular to the equipotential surface at every point. An example of an equipotential is the surface of a conductor in electrostatic equilibrium ; every point on the surface of the conductor is at the same potential.

Complex magnetic fields

\( \oint \mathbf{B} \cdot d\mathbf{s} = 0 \)

One interesting characteristics of a magnetic field is the way its field lines are always forming closed loops. This property is a direct consequence of one of Maxwell's equations. In 3D space the field lines never end ; they curve through space to form a complete loop. This property makes the topology of magnetic fields quite complex but fascinating.

Particles trajectory

\( \vec{F} = q(\vec{E} + \vec{v} \times \vec{B}) \)

When a charged particle moves perpendicular to the direction of a uniform magnetic field, it experiences a centripetal force that causes it to move in a circular path. The radius of this circle is directly proportional to the momentum of the particle and inversely proportional to the product of the charge of the particle and the strength of the magnetic field.


Visualis Electromagnetism is now available on Steam !

 Visualis Physics Electromagnetism Store Page

 Presentation Video (2022)

 PDF Examples (2003)

PDFs of sample scenes ! These are interactive PDFs when opened with Visualis ! See Videos !

 Scene 1 - Two charges field study in 3D.pdf

 Scene 2 - Realistic charges distribution in a plane capacitor.pdf

 Scene 9 - Patricles trajectories in uniform magnetic field.pdf

 Scene 9 - Additional notes (particles trajectory).pdf

System Requirements

System : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10, 11
Processor :   Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon 500 MHz or greater
Memory : 64 Mb RAM
Graphics : OpenGL 1.4 compatible graphics card
Storage : 32 Mb available space


The Visualis softwares were developed between 2003 and 2006 by François Sahy and Marc Vuffray in Switzerland at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne).
They were updated in 2022 and published on Steam Platform.


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